Log Cabin Rough-In

Beautiful log cabin home near the Gettysburg battlefield park.  A conventional installation with five inlets including the garage.  The builder called us with late notice as they were already dry-walling the garage.  True to our customer service focused roots, we were able to get to the jobsite on the same day and install the required tubing and wires in the walls.  One inlet was placed in the pine logs and we will add a picture after the total system is completed.

First Carpet Cleaning Customer

A recent service call prompted the opportunity to deliver our first deep carpet cleaning opportunity to a customer.  We have been exploring this as a possible extension to our service offering for over a year.  We settled on the Host Dry Extraction process.  A spot clean kit can also be offered with confidence because we know our customers powerful central vacuum will remove all sponges after the stain or spill is removed.  The customer can do the spot clean by themselves at considerable savings and then just get out their central vac to finish the job.

Repeat Customer Gets Hide-A-Hose & Garage Vroom RetroFit

This customer refers to her new built-in cleaning system as her "sing and dance machine" because when she uses it she sings and dances.  She really loves it that much!  We installed the Vroom on her garage ceiling.  She claims to use it every other day.  The Hide-A-Hose we installed near the bottom of her stairs reaches the entire home except her finished basement.  We installed a single conventional inlet down there for her den and sewing room.

This lady cleans homes for a living and she has a lot of experience with different cleaning systems.  She has loved her VACUFLO systems since her first install in 1969 and was leary of going to Hide-A-Hose.  Her quote is "What an improvement for central vacuum."

"I do the jitterbug every time I get to clean with it. I LOVE IT!"  --- M. Nolt

Power Unit Upgrade in Manheim

We removed an off brand power unit and replaced it with a VACUFLO.  All the inlets were checked, several were in need or repair.  A new set of tools was sold to this customer to complete the refresh of their in-house cleaning system.

Hide-A-Hose Retrofit for repeat customer

This customer purchased their first central vacuum system in the early 1970's.  They haven't been without this important home appliance since then even though they have moved several times.  This is their retirement rancher and is considerably smaller than previous homes.  We installed a 40' Hide-A-Hose for the main living area.  The basement and garage each received a conventional inlet.  This couple chose the Maxum 7 power unit for it's "dirtless experience" when emptying the dirt canister.

Vroom Installation in Garage

A customer had us install this Vroom in their garage for the ultimate in car cleaning convenience.  This Vroom location also provides the ability to clean the entire garage floor.  This was this customer's third Vroom.

Hide-A-Hose Example

Sample image of Hide-A-Hose in it's natural environment.  This happens to be a 40 foot Hide-A-Hose installation that will easily clean the entire first floor of the home.  Customers appreciate the ability to lock in only the amount of hose needed for a particular clean up (15 feet shown above).  The automatic retract of the hose is another favorite feature.

Repeat Customer that chose Hide-A-Hose for their new home

A recent Hide-A-Hose install for a repeat customer.  This installation included a Vroom installation in the garage and a SPOT install in the laundry area.

Repeat Customer near Eden

This repeat customer moved to a new home which is undergoing a significant remodel and addition.  The remodel made installing the central vacuum system much easier than would otherwise be the case.  This installation features two VacPans.

New Customer in Ephrata

This homeowner called us because the previous central vacuum system had failed.  We upgraded the system with new tools, added an inlet valve in the garage and installed the exhaust vent.  (Yes, the previous installer did not exhaust the unit to the outside.  The previous exhaust was piped in to the garage)

Existing Installation for Longtime Customer

Our first install for this customer took place over 20 years ago.  We were happy to work with their moving schedule to be sure the install was complete before the movers arrived!


When my husband and I relocated to Penna. 20 years ago we decided to get a central vacuum.    We contacted Lancaster County VACUFLO for an installation and used the system for 20 years.  It never failed us and was used heavily due to our business and having pets.  Recently we moved and as my husband said, when you are used to the best, you expect nothing less.  So we immediately contacted Lancaster County VACUFLO and they came out to the house and gave us an estimate.  And without hesitation we proceeded with another installation.  The equipment has improved in the last 20 years  with increased power and suction.  We are delighted with the new installation, the upgraded equipment and the professionalism of the staff.    We personally want to thank you and would recommend you to future customers.  Last but not least, the follow-up call you made to check if I had any questions regarding the new equipment was a step beyond the call of duty but show how customer oriented your company is for clients.
Thank you!

Wayne and Fran

RetroFit Installation Near Roherstown

A repeat customer.  After downsizing this homeowner realized that the central vacuum was forgotten during the construction process.  We were asked to retrofit the system to look as though it was built-in during construction.

Installation of a complete system in existing home, Lititz, PA

The central vacuum installation was forgotten during construction of this brand new home.  We were called to perform a careful installation.  It surprised the builder and thrilled the homeowner at the ability of our team to do the installation without any drywall "surgery".  Her customer comments are below:

“I found out about Vacuflo totally by chance while searching the Internet.  They don’t advertise heavily so at first, I was skeptical (even my builder had no knowledge of their work on existing homes).  Vacuflo surpassed all of my expectations.  Their service is professional and their product is the best!  They don’t use any annoying sale pitches, they are unpretentious and they deliver / install an amazing central vacuum system.  It is a 5 star family business.  They have my utmost recommendation (and I am not easily pleased).”

A York County Rough - In

A stormy summer day found us installing tubing and low voltage wires in this country home. 

Schuylkill Haven Rough-In

A new custom home in beautiful farm country will be able to stay very clean thanks to a powerful central vacuum by VACUFLO.

System Completion in York County

This home was ruffed in for central vacuum when it was built several years ago.  We were called to complete the installation when the homeowner's upright vacuum no longer performed adequately.

System Completion near Landis Valley for Repeat Customer

A "completion" refers to finishing a system that had been roughed-in only at construction.  The process of completing a central vacuum system is to install the power unit and vent it to the outside, replace the blank covers with inlet valves, hang the tools and connect pipe and wiring in the basement to the power unit.  This is an eight inlet valve system for a long time customer.  His third installation with Lancaster County VACUFLO.


January 2013

Repeat customer near Lititz, PA

Repeat customer.  Third system we've installed in an existing home for this customer. Seven inlet valves were required.


Install Date: Fall 2012

Do-It-Yourself Project

After exhaustive research, a retired engineer came to us wanting to buy the necessary parts to do a retrofit VACUFLO installation himself.  He knew exactly what power unit, tools and extras he wanted.  We reviewed his install plan, sold him the parts and provided installation tips and pointers.  Several weeks later he returned a few unused items to the shop and proudly showed us these pictures of his successful install.   --- Great Job! ---

Install Date: Fall 2012


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Repeat customer in the City of Lancaster

Another repeat customer.  This is the third system we've installed for this customer. This one required only two inlet valves to be able to conveniently clean the entire residence.


Install Date:  August 2012

Large retrofit in Southern Lancaster County

This installation included 10 inlet valves.  A VACUFLO model 960 was chosen by this repeat customer.  The install work took place at the same time as a remodeling effort was underway in the lower level.


Install Date:  July 2012

A recent retrofit near Ephrata

This established home was given a full VACUFLO installation, including two inlet valves on the first floor, one in the garage, one in the basement and one in the attic area.  A model 566Q was vented to the outside.  The complete system included theTurboTeam Deluxe and RugRat hand turbine tool.


Install Date: July 2012