D-I-Y Project Description

A trunk line extends from the Vroom unit in the garage to the Power unit in the basement.  Except for the initial vertical runs from the two basement inlet valves, all other runs from the inlet values to the power unit are horizontal or "down-hill".

Main Floor Inlet Valves

A Vroom unit (Picture A)  is mounted under the work bench (Picture B) in the garage.  The trunk line then extends into the basement.

Picture A
Picture B

An inlet valve near the front door (Picture C) serves a small bedroom, a small bathroom, and the living room.  This connection drops to the basement (Picture D) and then to the trunk line (Picture E).

Picture C
Picture D
Picture E

An inlet valve in the corner of the kitchen (Picture F) serves the kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, and master bathroom.  This connection drops to the basement (Picture G) and then joins the truck line (Picture H).

Picture F
Picture G
Picture H

An inlet valve in the sun room (Picture I) serves the sun room and the outside deck area.

Picture I

Basement Inlet Valves

A centrally located basement inlet value (Picture J) serves a play area, sleeping area, and storage area. It connects into the trunk line (Picture K) before the front door inlet valve connects into the trunk line.

Picture J
Picture K

An inlet valve near the exterior door of the basement (Picture L) serves the garden tool area and ping-pong table area. It joins the drop from the sunroom and then connects to the trunk line (Picture M).

Picture L
Picture M

Power Unit

The trunk line continues to the power unit (Picture N). The exhaust run (Picture O, showing muffler details) exits the basement above and to the right of the power unit. On the exterior of the house, the exhaust vent cap (Picture P) is to the right of the heat pump.

Picture N
Picture O
Picture P